Try Not To Laugh as Julia Roberts Takes The Hot Seat on Ellen DeGeneres’ Burning Questions [Watch]

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Honesty is the best policy. And that is all Ellen DeGeneres asks for when she has an celebrity sit in the hot seat for a segment she calls Burning Questions. This time she got A-list actress Julia Roberts to take a seat.

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Apparently, Julia was just hanging out backstage when Ellen found her to be a part of the bit. Julia, was not familiar with Burning Questions until Ellen explained how it’s played.

“All you have to do is be totally honest, answer the question and hit the button,” Ellen shared. Simple right?

After Julia got past the fascination with the bell sound, the two began to game. The first question was easy. “What was your favorite job before getting into the business?” Ellen asked.

“I worked at a shoe store. I enjoyed that,” Julia said.

But the most honest answer came from Julia when Ellen said, “We’re both known as America’s Sweetheart…When are you at your sweetest?”

The truth was told when Julia shared, “When I’m being filmed.” Now, that’s honesty.

As they went on, Julia had to choose between costars Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Tom Hanks, to be stranded on an island with. But alas, the actress played it safe and picked all three, who each had favorable assets.

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“Hard to say,” Julia said. “They each provide unique assets to being stranded. I mean, Tom has done it. Brad brings more of an element of companionship and optimism. [George] you would just laugh and get super sunburned and just laugh and then die.”

Good to know.

Check out Julia getting honest on Burning Questions.