Julianne Hough Reacts to Lara Spencer’s Hurtful Comments: ‘It Makes Me Emotional’

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Longtime dancer Julianne Hough stayed fairly quiet about the recent controversy involving male ballet dancers.

But now, she has a whole lot more to say.

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“I love Lara and I don’t think it was a malicious thing she intended to do,” the America’s Got Talent judge said on Tuesday (August 27) in an interview with Entertainment Tonight about Good Morning America co-host Lara Spencer’s comment about Prince George taking ballet lessons. “I think it was something that was unfortunate, and now it’s been an amazing opportunity for dancers to step out and speak up and have a moment.”

Indeed, Hough says that the controversy surrounding the comment ended up sparking a conversation that she thinks was desperately needed.

“I think everything happens for a reason,” she said. “I think that that comment sparked an amazing resurgence and passion for dancers to have a voice. Dancers have always been in the background and so, for those comments to be made, it gave dancers a voice to show the dedication, the hard work, and the perseverance it takes to become a dancer.”

Later in the interview, Hough even seemed to get emotional about it all.

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“I’m so proud it makes me emotional, because I’m so proud to be a part of the dance community that that’s how we handled it versus just shunning people away,” the former Dancing with the Stars pro said.

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