Watch as Justin Bieber Shocks David Beckham on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

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David Beckham looked calm, cool and collected on Wednesday (March 4) during a visit to the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

But that didn’t last very long.

In what has become somewhat a tradition on the beloved talk show, DeGeneres was interviewing Beckham when she brought up the family’s love of a certain superstar by the name of Justin Bieber. Last year, Beckham and his four children actually went to Bieber’s house to go trick or treating.

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“We all follow Justin on Instagram, of course,” Beckham explained. “And we’re all fans and we all love him. And it’s coming to the end of our night of trick-or-treating.The kids have had far too much candy and enjoyed themselves a lot. And on the way back, Romeo turns around to me and he said, ‘Justin’s…giving snow cones away….’ So, I DM’ed him and he got back within, like, seconds…so we went straight ‘round there. Turned up. And, yeah, we all got snow cones.”

Right then, Bieber jumped out of the table next to Beckham’s chair. Granted, we have seen other guests get a whole lot more scared at the stunt. But yes, Beckham’s nervous laughter seemed to point to the fact that Bieber indeed had gotten him.

“Oh man, I really didn’t think that was gonna happen,” laughed Beckham.