Kate Beckinsale Believing She’s Touching Poo in a Game of “Can You Feel It?” is Priceless [Watch]

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When Kate Beckinsale stopped by the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about her new Amazon series “The Widow,” she had no idea that she’d be touching random objects and guessing what they were. But the good sport that she is, Kate played along in a game Jimmy calls “Can You Feel It?”

The object is that the person, either Jimmy or Kate, can not see an object in a box placed in front of them. They must reach into the box and reveal what they think they are touching. What’s in the box can be anything from live animals to human limbs.

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While Jimmy went first and had to reach in and touch peeps, Kate had a stickier object to touch.

“Kate you know that we would never do anything wrong or rude to you,” Jimmy said.

When Kate’s object was wheeled out, the audience didn’t help the matter by ooohing and ahhhing.

“Ok, we have a deal about I can’t touch vomit. I’ll touch poo if I have to,” Kate said. “I don’t like poo, but I’m phobic of vomit and I’ll go home. Is it poo? They wouldn’t do poo to me.”

Kate began to reach in the box before yelling, “Is it going to bite me?” As she began to touch the item she noticed it was sticky and wet.

“It’s a huge poo,” she said. When the 45-year-old actress felt around a little more, she nailed.it. “Oh wait, is it it cinnamon roll.”

Yes it was. Good job Kate. But it only got worse from there. They both got off easy with peeps and cinnamon rolls. The next boxes were filled with  Earthworms and a live frog and that was  just wrong.

Watch Kate and Jimmy go head to head in “Can Your Feel It?” below.