Kathy Bates Singing Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like” on Lip Sync Battle Is Just What We Needed Today

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Kathy Bates is arguably one of the best actresses of our generation. But did you know that the 70-year-old actress could throw down mean lip sync? That’s exactly what she did when she appeared in an episode of the fourth season of “Lip Sync Battle.”

Kathy hit the stage decked out in a fur coat and fedora. The audience roared as she entered to begin singing Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like.” The Oscar winning actress stripped down to her pajamas exactly when the song called for not wearing any—”I’ll rent a beach house in Miami/ Wake up with no jammies.

It just got better from there. Kathy was surrounded by back up dancers in hotel staff outfits, stroked a gold Cadillac and was swooned upon by men in pajamas right before they ripped opened their shirts.

And Kathy, ever the professional, knew all the words and kept in step with the dance moves, knocking it right out of the park. The fan blowing her hair was just an added bonus for us all.