Katy Perry Kind of Threatened Luke Bryan During This “American Idol” Performance

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A couple of weeks before “American Idol” officially launched, Katy Perry told Jimmy Kimmel that her relationship with fellow judge Luke Bryan was very brother-sister, with Lionel Richie playing the role of embarrassed but loving father. At the time, it was hard to imagine what Katy was talking about. But, in the weeks since the show has been back on the air we’ve seen it in full-force.

Katy has definitely taken on the role of the weirdly dramatic and honest judge. She’s also taken a real liking to several male contestants. After her first love, Trevor Holmes, didn’t make it past Hollywood Week, despite Katy’s threat to his girlfriend, Katy moved on to Cade Foehner.

During the Top 10 reveal of “American Idol,” all of these things came to a head as Cade performed. Luke acted like Katy’s brother, Katy fawned over Cade and Lionel tried to rise above it all.

While Cade was singing Gary Clark Jr.’s “Bright Lights,” Katy looked giddy. Lionel discreetly poked at her. Then, as the cameras zoomed out, you could clearly see Luke fanning Katy in dramatic fashion, which lead her to say “stop it” once and then again before she put her hands up. We almost got our first on-air, brother-sister fight on “American Idol.” Fortunately, or unfortunately, Luke stopped fanning her and Cade just finished his performance like a normal contestant.


And yes, Cade has officially moved into the Top 10.