Keri Russell and Jon Hamm Acting Out Mad Libs on ‘Fallon’ is the Laugh You Needed Today

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While it never ceases to amaze us how Jimmy Fallon gets actors and actresses to partake in outlandish events on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the talk show host enlisted Keri Russell and Jon Hamm this time for a game of Mad Libs. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, after the two actors filled out the Mad Libs story, they then had to act it out in real life. That’s where the silly part comes in. But first let’s go through their wild mad libs words.

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Sound a bird would make: Jon – “Ahahahaha” (we think”

Number: Keri – “Eight thousand seventy two”

Fictional place: Jon – “Narnia”

Silly word: Keri – googly

Combination of syllables you think no one ever said before: We can’t even write what Jon said.

First and last name of weirdest teacher: Keri – Chuck Yerger

Amount of time: Jon – 14 nanoseconds

Scariest insect you’d see at a zoo: Keri – Gila monster (not an insect, but they let her go with it)

Verb ending in ing: Jon – “Farting.”

Adjective: Keri “Quickly”

Plural medical device that can save your life: Jon – MRI’s

Thing you wouldn’t ant to hear your waiter say: Keri – “It’s Mariachi night”

Number: Jon – Twelve and a half

Chain restaurant: Keri – “Chili’s”

An event you celebrate: Jon – “Santacon”

Something you’d hide if a guest came to your home: Keri – “Dirty underwear”

Last thing you watched on your phone: Jon – “Youtube clip. It was Awkwafina’s video for “My Vag.'”

Celebrity name: Keri – Awkwafina

Verb: Jon – “Run”

Last question you googled: Jon “how long will it take me to get here from airport.”

Body part: Keri – Belly Button

Birthday wish as a kid: Jon – “To be in Star Wars when I grow up.”

Birthday wish as an adult: Keri – “To be in Star Wars”

Nickname for a motorcycle biker: Jon – “Lil’ Steve.”

Best pickup line: Keri – “Wanna f*&k”

And with that – they were off and running. In a airline flight attendant scene the trio put the Mad Libs to work. And the best part about it was that they could not keep from laughing while doing there skit. And we bet that you can’t either.

Check out Keri Russell, John Hamm and Jimmy Fallon in a hilarious Mad Libs sketch.