“Last Man Standing” Makes Subtle Nod to Tim Allen’s Former Show “Home Improvement”


Over the years, Tim Allen has played several iconic roles, from The Santa Claus to his voice as Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. But one of his most memorable was his role as TV’s Tim The Toolman Taylor on “Home Improvement.”

Now, Allen stars in “Last Man Standing” where he plays the part of Mike Baxter— and during a recent episode they paid tribute to Allen’s former show, and most people probably didn’t even notice.

In the episode, we see Mike Baxter and his wife, Vanessa, in the kitchen as their daughter Mandy tells them she wants to give up on her dream of working in fashion. In true dad-like form, Mike offers some cliche advice, telling her, “When God closes a door, he builds a window.”

Mandy then responds, “Dad, why is everything with you home improvement?”

And, because one reference simply wouldn’t be enough, Mandy later says she wants to be a broker, saying “Fashion is the door and real estate is the window,” as Vanessa looks to Mike and says, “You and your home improvement.”

Long live Tim The Tool Man Taylor.