The Llama is the Latest Celebrity to Be Unmasked on The Masked Singer

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There will be no more Llama drama. They may have ended the llama’s run during the February 5 episode of The Masked Singer, but that didn’t stop judges Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger and special guest Jason Biggs from being completely star struck when comedian, actor and game show host Drew Carey was unmasked.

Even after delivering respectable renditions of Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual” and Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs,” in his first two performances, the audience and judges chose to end his run.

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Host Nick Cannon had the honor of peeling the furry, bespectacled head from Drew’s costume before exclaiming, “It’s an honor” to The Price is Right host. Ken tried to convey how much he loved Drew, calling him “one of the best comics of a generation” and Jason added, “I have loved you for a very, very, very long time. You’re awesome, man.”

Drew had other surprises, though. In his teaser package, the award-winning actor revealed that he served with the Marine Corp. Reserves and is a current part-owner of the Seattle Sounders MLS soccer team. He also shared his reason for doing the hilarious incognito show. “Because the show looked like a lot of fun,” he said. “And I like having a goof and a lot of laughs.”

The star of The Drew Carey Show also shared how he performed on the show with a slight handicap. “You wear these costumes and a lot of performers talk about how hot they are. They really are. And I can’t wear my glasses underneath. So, I can’t see very well,” he said. Drew also described how tight security is to keep their true identity hidden. “They have a hoodie they give you that says, ‘Don’t talk to me’ and a visor that goes over your face. You wear gloves so you don’t show any skin or tattoos or anything. And they only called me Llama. They only call you by your character name.”

The Masked Singer airs Wednesday nights on Fox.