Luke Bryan Questioned One “American Idol” Contestant’s Country Creds

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You can’t fake country. You either are or you aren’t. Luckily, “American Idol” has Luke Bryan, the man who knows what makes someone country. When youngster Laine Hardy claimed the name of country-boy before his audition, Bryan started asking questions. They would sound like nonsense to city folk but were just funny to anyone from the country.

Speaking for myself, I knew that Laine was country as soon as he said he likes to drive around town and just “burn gas.” Man, you could write a No. 1 hit on that line alone. Luke even said, “Keep talking I’m going to write a song, boy.”

But that wasn’t good enough.

Luke Bryan: How many alligators have you seen?

Laine Hardy: Can’t count.

LB: You hunt gator?

LH: Sometimes.

LB: You ever caught an alligator on a topwater plug?

LH: No, I haven’t

Katy Perr: I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

LB and LH: laughs

Kid, you passed. Not only did he pass the country test, but he passed on to Hollywood. Luke Bryan warned Laine before he left, “If you aren’t careful, you just might win ‘American Idol’.”