Maelyn Jarmon’s Performance of “Fields of Gold” on “The Voice” Earns Her Four Chairs and Praise From the Coaches


As “The Voice” kicked off season 16 on Monday night, Maelyn Jarmon got all four coaches, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and John Legend,  to turn their chairs for her stunning performance.

Maelyn hit the stage to perform Sting’s “Fields of Gold” and she knocked it out of the park. So much so that Adam and Blake immediately hit their buttons simultaneously. They were quickly followed by Kelly, who turned for the Texas native. John waited a little longer to hit his button, as he listened to the clarity in her voice. He then turned his chair, giving Maelyn four chairs turned in her favor.

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Following Maelyn’s performance, it was  time for the coaches to speak and all four of them had nothing but  praise for Maelyn’s vocals.

“You just have such precision and power in your voice. It cuts through everything,” Blake said. “It literally moved me to hear you sing.”

“You have such a God given gift that connects to people  That’s a hard song to cover. You made it your own and you made it special and you made it stand out. You seem very smart. You’re unstoppable,” Kelly exclaimed.

What you did, it showed your skill, it showed your mastery of your instrument but it also showed that you have magic too,” John added. .

“That was astounding. You kind of have it all. It’s a seasoned voice but it’s also completely vulnerable. As a coach, I think I’d be great,” Adam stated.

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Then it was time for the decision. After deliberating, Maelyn picked…John. Chalk one up for Team Legend. Maelyn just might be the one to take John all the way to the end with a possible win.

Our money’s on Maelyn to end up in the finals, if not win it all.