Mandy Moore Says She Cries ‘Buckets’ When Watching “This Is Us,” and Same

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Mandy Moore has shared before that certain episodes of “This Is Us” have made her cry. In fact, she had to wear under-eye masks after she watched the episode where Jack dies because she cried so hard.

Mandy, Milo Ventimiglia and Justin Hartley visited SXSW for their “This Is Us” finale screening where E! got to talk to Moore and Ventimiglia about the show. While Mandy did share that the finale will end on a “high note,” she wasn’t afraid to admit that she cries at nearly every single episode.

E!: “How much do you cry when you watch the show?”
Mandy: “Oh, buckets. Buckets. Always.” 

Mandy also talked a bit about the rumored “old man Jack” that makes an appearance in the season finale.

“I was just excited that somebody else had to go through the torture of old age makeup,” she said with a laugh. “Pretty soon, by the end of the series, I’ll pretty sure everyone will have had gone through old age makeup once or twice.”


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