Marie Osmond’s Faith Helps Her Keep Going After Son Michael Suicide: ‘You Can’t Breathe’


Nearly ten years have gone by since Marie Osmond’s teenage son Michael died by suicide. Yet, the pain remains.

“When I see my children marrying and having families, I wonder where my son would be, if he’d be married or if he’d be a dad,” Osmond says in a new interview with PEOPLE magazine. “He always wanted to be a daddy since he was a little boy.”

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Indeed, Michael had a bright future ahead of him before his struggles with substance abuse took over. And for The Talk co-host, the sheer memory of her son taking his own life is downright suffocating.

“You can’t breathe,” she says. “It affects the children [too]. When you’re contemplating something that devastating [as suicide] in your life, you can barely function. But the ripple effect is astronomical.”

However, Osmond says that she finds ways everyday to keep moving and keep moving like her son would have wanted her to. And whenever she can, she reminds people also going through the same situation that they can do it too.

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“There is no joy in sorrow, but the joy is to be able to look at somebody who is going through it and tell them, ‘You’ll be okay,’” says Osmond. “You have to find a way to breathe again. Mine was my faith. I have great faith, and I know I will see him again.”