“The Masked Singer” Reveals Identity of The Eagle


The Masked Singer introduced four new characters on Wednesday night’s (Oct. 9) episode. The Eagle, Penguin, Flower and the Fox, were the latest masks revealed on Fox’s hit reality competition series.

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It began with the Flower taking on the Eagle in a head to head vocal match. In the end the Flower came out victorious sending the Eagle to the smackdown round. Meanwhile, the Penguin took on the Fox, which resulted in the Penguin’s loss. Needless to say, the Penguin and the Eagle would face off in the smackdown round, where they would sing again in a bid to remain on the show.

It was a smackdown for the birds as the Eagle did his best with Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'” and the Penguin gave her all on Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It.”

In the end it was the Penguin that came out on top, sending the Eagle home. It was time for the unveiling of the mask and the panel had their share of guesses after taking in the clues. Jenny McCarthy guessed Adam Carolla, Robin Thicke guessed Howard Stern, Ken Jeong went with Craig Ferguson and Nicole Scherzinger put her money behind Jeff Foxworthy.

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All of them were wrong. It was revealed that the Eagle was none other than Dr. Drew Pinsky, formerly of Loveline.

The panel was shocked at the reveal, as some had very familiar interactions with the doctor.

“Very bizarre,” Dr. Drew said of his experience. “Ken, you used to fill in for me [on Loveline]. And Jenny getting Adam Carolla, so close.,” Drew added referring to his co-host on Loveline.

To date, The Masked Singer has unmasked four celebrities in three episodes—The Egg was revealed to be Olympic Skier Johnny Weir, Ice Cream was Youtuber/gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Panda was Laila Ali and the Eagle is now known to be Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Tune in to The Masked Singer on FOX Wednesday night to see more celebs get unmasked.