“The Masked Singer” Reveals Who Was Hiding Under the Pineapple Mask


The newest television sensation The Masked Singer on FOX is just strange enough to be crazy addictive. Just ask the countless fans that have been tuning in to the show, which showcases the talents of various celebrities dressed in various costumes while four panelists, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and pussycat dolls Nicole Scherzinger, ask questions to see if they can reveal the mystery person.

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On the latest episode airing Wednesday (Jan. 9), fans found out who the Pineapple was after he went up against the Raven in a singing competition. After singing the triumphant song, or at least trying to sing, “I Will Survive,” the tropical fruit gave some clues as to who he was, such as that he had beaten a life-threatening disease and had been in the public eye for decades.

So, who was the masked pineapple?

It was Tommy Chong, who is known for his marijuana-themed Cheech & Chong comedy albums with longtime collaborator, Cheech Marin.

And yes, panelist Jenny McCarthy was definitely on the right track when she briefly guessed the 80-year-old comedian and then switched her guess to Cheech. So why would he want to play a part in this crazy show?

“Anything to get on stage,” Chong told show host Nick Cannon, who was previously the host of America’s Got Talent back in the day.

We need to know – who is watching this show? And who can’t wait till next week?