The Masked Singer Reveals 2 Singers in Semi-Finals—The Rabbit and The Lion

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The Masked Singer took a big step last night by revealing two masked singers, The Lion and The Rabbit, in the semi-finals.

The first to be revealed was the Lion. Many fans of the show guessed that Carrie Underwood was behind the the lion mask. The judges had their own opinions.

Jenny McCarthy and Kenan Thompson guessed Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child, Nicole Scherzinger guessed Hailee Steinfeld, Ken Jeong went with Dawn Robinson from En Vogue and Robin Thicke said it was Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child. Nobody was right.

The Lion was revealed to be none other than…Rumer Willis. The internet pretty much guessed it was Rumer early on. The two clues that lead them in her direction were the Hollywood royalty clue—her parents are Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and the Idaho clue, where Rumer grew up.

“We were so way the freak off with Kelly Rowland it’s unbelievable, but that’s a testament to your talents. That’s Rumer freakin’ Willis right there man,” Kenan said after the reveal.

“From now on when I watch a Bruce Willis movie, I’m thinking, ‘oh snap, that’s the lion’s dad,” Ken added.

But that wasn’t the only reveal of the night.

After the Lion was revealed, the next to go was the Rabbit. Two of the five judges had the correct guesses.

Kenan Thompson guessed Nick Lachey, Ken Jeong went with Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet Boys and Jenny McCarthy thought she was being fold and the Rabbit was her husband, Donnie Wahlberg. Only Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger had the correct guess.

The Rabbit was revealed to be…Joey Fatone from N’Sync.

“What the (expletive) am I doing,” Joey said after being revealed. “There is a monster, there is a bee, this is some crazy ass s**t.”

The clue that may have tipped fans off to the Rabbit being an N’Syncer was the mention of “Synchronized singing. That was a dead giveaway.

As The Masked Singer goes on, there are three that remain. Left to fight it out in the finals are the Bee, the Peacock, and the Monster.

Tune into The Masked Singer Wednesday nights on FOX.