“The Masked Singer” Reveals the Celebrity Behind the Deer


FOX’s “The Masked Singer” has taken the country by storm. The competition reality show has celebrities take the stage to perform behind masks as the audience and a panel of judges try to guess who they are.

In previous episodes two celebrities have been revealed. In episode one, the hippo was revealed to be Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown and in episode two, the Pineapple was revealed to be Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong.

Wednesday night (Jan. 16) the third celebrity who was dressed like a deer, revealed their identity. With clues such as he was someone who was in commercials, he can throw and being on the bottom isn’t his style, the judges guessed that he was a quarterback. 

They were right. The Deer was revealed to be former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Terry Bradshaw. The Pittsburgh Steelers really love this show. 

“Deer represents me in the sense that I’ve got a little bit of a wild side to me. I find deer to be extremely beautiful just like me. I’m a beautiful man, what can I say,” Terry joked after being unmasked. “I didn’t lose, I just ran out of time.”

But we still want to know who is behind the monster mask? Tune in to The Masked Singer when it airs Wednesday nights on FOX.