‘The Masked Singer’ Season 3 Finale Unveils The Winner Between Night Angel, Frog and Turtle


The season 3 finale of The Masked Singer on Wednesday night (May. 20) saw Night Angel, Frog and Turtle ace off against each other.

Each week different masked singers performed under anonymity, as the panelists, audience and home viewers tried to guess who was hiding behind the mask. Season three saw celebrities such as Lil Wayne, Drew Carey, Chaka Khan, Tony Hawk, Dionne Warwick, Tom Bergeron, Gov. Sarah Palin, Bella Thorne, Jojo Siwa, Rob Gronkowski, Jordyn Woods, Brett Michaels, Hunter Hayes, Jackie Evancho and MLB player Barry Zito become unmasked.

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Then there were three. The Turtle kicked off the evening’s event with a rowdy rendition of “Bad Boy For Life” by Black rob, Mark Curry & P. Diddy. Next up, the Turtle belted our “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi. Then it was Night Angel’s turn. She got the crowd on their feet with “River Deep, Mountain High” by Tina Turner.

The final vote came and it was time for the Frog to take his exit. The panelists guesses ranged from Kid Cuddy to Lil Romeo. Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger guessed it right when they said the Frog was hip hop star Bow Wow.

The finale came down to the Turtle and Night Angel. In the end the Season three winner was Night Angel. With Night Angel winning the show, it came time to unmask the Turtle. The panelists guessed Nick Jonas and Adam Lambert and the celebrity behind the Turtle mask was Jesse McCartney.

Finally, the time came to reveal who was behind the winning Night Angel mask. Nicole Scherzinger guessed it was Taraji P Henson. While Ken Jeong guessed it was Tisha Campbell, Jenny McCarthy went with Kandi Burress and Robin Thicke agreed with Jenny on Kandi.

In the end, Jenny and Robin had it right. The celebrity behind the Night Angel mask was none other than Kandi Burress. After three seasons, Kandi was the first woman to win The Masked Singer. She followed in the footsteps of T-Pain and Wayne Brady.

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“For a long time I stopped singing by myself, because you get negative feedback and it kind of messes with your head. I had really stopped and I just really appreciate you guys for helping me build my confidence back up,” Kandi said after her win.

Congratulations to Kandi and all the participants of The Masked Singer. The reality competition show will return in the Fall with more masked celebrities.