The Masked Singer Reveals Identity of the Taco

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The Masked Singer continues it’s run of unmasking celebrities hiding behind their outlandish characters as they sing their way through the popular reality competition.

Wednesday (March 4) saw the continuation of the Group B Playoffs. That meant the second group of characters was going to eliminate another player. The show is down to Kitty, Frog, Banana and Taco.

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As the animals and foods sang their hearts out, someone had to go home. The audience and the panelists voted and it turned out that the Taco got the least amount of votes, therefore being eliminated.

The panelists, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger and guest panelist and winner of Season 1, T-Pain. There were many guesses for who was behind the Taco mask and none of them were right. Nicole Scherzinger guessed that the Taco was Barry Manilow, Ken Jeong chose Martin Short for his guess, Robin Thicke agreed with Ken, going with Martin Short, T-Pain guessed Kelsey Grammer and Jenny McCarthy went with Jerry Springer.

It turned out that the Taco was none other than Dancing with the Stars host, Tom Bergeron. The audience and the panelists were shocked. Who knew Tom could sing?

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“Jenny wrote the blurb on the cover of my book about 10 years ago, Robin was on Dancing with the Stars, Nicole won Dancing with the Stars, of the regular panelists the only person not a friend, not surprisingly, was Ken,” Tom joked after revealing all the panelists know him.

Catch the remaining masked celebrities when The Masked Singer airs Wednesday night on FOX.