Matthew Johnson Gets a Four Chair Turn Around as “The Voice” Kicks Off Blind Auditions

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The Voice kicked off Season 16 Monday night (Feb. 25) with the blind auditions and they didn’t miss a beat. Matthew Johnson got all four coaches to turn his chair with a stellar performance of Kirk Franklin’s “I Smile.”

Matthew barely got a note out of his mouth and Blake slammed on his buzzer, turning his chair. Adam soon followed, saying, “I gotta.” It took John a little longer to hear something special in Matthew but he soon hit his button to turn his chair and he was immediately followed but Kelly. Matthew scored the four chair turn.

Matthew’s performance was so good that coach Adam Levine even took off his shoe and threw it on the stage, in honor of season 15 coach Jennifer Hudson.

“Well, reverend Johnson, we all enjoyed you as you can see,” John said at the end of the performance. “Was that a gospel song? I grew up in the church. My grandfather was a pastor, my grandmother was the organist, my mother was the choir director, I took over as the choir director eventually. I know where you come from. Your voice is big, it’s powerful. You got range. Your energy lit up the room. We’re really excited to have you.”

The coaches went on to argue why they thought they’d be the best coach.

“Did y’all see how fast I hit my button,” Blake said. “His voice came out of his mouth hole, grabbed my hand and slapped it on the button. I didn’t want to miss one second of it man.”

In the end, Matthew went with John as his coach, adding another soulful voice to Team Legend.