Matthew McConaughey Finds Himself in the Hot Seat for Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

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Matthew McConaughey was in the hot seat when he appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to promote his new movie Serenity, with Anne Hathaway.

The 49-year-old was tasked with playing Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions.” Ellen asks random questions like, “what ridiculous thing are you afraid of?” and Matthew has to answer with the first thing that comes to his mind. After he answers, he has to tap a red button.

As the two are seated in side by side chairs, fire is electronically generated in the background—hence the name, Burning Questions.

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Ellen starts off with an easy question, asking who was your first celebrity crush. Matthew immediately answers Diane Lane, who he coincidentally just worked with in his new movie Serenity.

She went on to ask, “what is the weirdest thing you’ve done to make money?” Matthew slyly smiled and just couldn’t answer.

“It’s also illegal he said,” slamming the red button. “So I’m not telling. It could come back to haunt me.”

But the burning question that all the ladies wanted to know was, what does Matthew McConaughey were to bed?

The answer? Nothing. He sleeps naked. Good to know. Ellen delves deeper into the actor’s life to find out the little things we need to know about Matthew.

Serenity is in theaters Friday Jan. 25.