Matthew McConaughey Goes Undercover To Get People High on “Kimmel”

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Jimmy Kimmel has a way of getting celebrities to do outrageous segments on his late night show and Matthew McConaughey was no different when he appeared on the show Wednesday night (March 27).

The actor dressed up as his character Moondog, a marijuana enthusiast, from his upcoming film The Beach Bum and hit the streets of LA to get people high. Apparently, it was Matthew’s idea to hit the streets. So ,armed with a variety of cannabis infused products, really just some stuff that Kimmel’s staff bought at the grocery store, Moondog mingled with the public.

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To be clear, no marijuana was used in the stunt, however that didn’t stop people on the streets from feeling the effects.

“You wanna get high?” Moondog asks one young lady on the street. “Now before you try one of these, I gotta tell you it’s a very quick ramp, meaning in five to six seconds, you’re gonna feel it. So this is called a pot dog. Now in these fresh tomatoes, I’ve infused a little bit of THC, which is all organic, and in this mustard, I’ve infused lemon zest with THC.”

So the girl had to take a bite of the hotdog to get the full feeling. Matthew counted down from six and the girl did feel something.

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“That’s crazy,” she said describing a tingling feeling that went all the way down to her toes. That wasn’t all. Every person who tried one of Moondog’s concoctions fell victim to the prank. They said they felt something from natural ingredients. It’s amazing what the mind can do.

We’re just amazed how many people are willing to stop on the streets of Los Angeles and ingest an unknown product from a strange man.

The Beach Bum will hit theaters Friday, March 29.