Listening to Melissa McCarthy Explain ‘Diane Who Wears a Barbie Hat and Works at the Grocery Store’ is the Funniest Thing You’ll Hear Today


If you took a break from social media over the last week, you may have missed celebrities across the globe sharing their first professional headshots with the world. Obviously, there were cute ones, bad ones and really interesting ones. Melissa McCarthy had my personal favorite.

It turns out, Ellen DeGeneres was also a big fan of Melissa‘s photo and wanted to know every last detail about its existence.

Melissa’s explanation was long, but hilarious, “Looking at it now, it seems almost silly. It was my first commercial agent ever and he said he wanted me to get character head shots… he told me he wanted to go the extra mile. I was like, ‘I’ll go the extra mile!’ I’ll go the extra mile and get a Barbie western hat… I made the earrings, there little cowboy boots from the Barbie set… I didn’t know what character shots meant, so instead of doing something you could hire like a cop or a waitress, I was doing something in my head. That was Diane who works at a grocery store and handed out cheese samples. And he’s like ‘what is this supposed to be?’ and I was like ‘that’s Diane. She’s recently divorced.’ So, I made a character up, I didn’t know that it was something someone may want to hire. I didn’t work for about 15 years.”

Not missing a beat, Ellen had a tiny hat on-hand for Melissa to actually bring Diane to life.