Nicole Kidman Shared a Photo of Herself and Meryl Streep From “Big Little Lies” Season 2 and the Comments Were Hilarious

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If you somehow missed the news that Hollywood legend Meryl Streep is joining the cast for “Big Little Lies” season 2, you must not have Internet access. The news was shared just after BLL won every award in every category at every awards show earlier this year and the Internet almost imploded on itself.

Since the Internet had fully recovered from the news, Nicole Kidman, star and producer of “Big Little Lies” took it upon herself to set the Internet on fire by sharing the first photo of Streep on set as her mother-in-law.

According to a release, Streep joins the show “concerned for the well-being of her grandchildren following her son Perry’s death. Mary Louise arrives in Monterey searching for answers.”

The photo was sweet and captioned appropriately with, “First day on the set with Meryl and “my” darling boys! ” But, the comments? The comments got real interesting, real fast.

Even though he was a psycho.




And if you aren’t…come soon!


You cany!



And heart eyes.


Your body is greasy. 




Call the doctor!


Keith Urban, you should probably put this guy on a list. 


No one here is playing. 


Commited to getting it right the third time.