EXCLUSIVE – Mike Johnson Weighs in On the Possibility of Returning to the “Bachelor” Franchise


Mike Johnson was one of the countless fans who tuned into The Bachelor Tuesday night (March 10) to see if Peter Weber had actually found love.

“My boy has definitely handled himself well,” The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise alum told One Country from a Smirnoff Seltzer Rosé watch party in Chicago on Tuesday (March 10.) “I think this is love. No one can define what one individual’s journey to love is. I think he has done a wonderful job of being authentic. I’m just happy for him.”

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And while Weber’s journey to love might not be completely clear right now, Johnson says he will be by his side no matter what.

“I get to roast him all day and he can roast me all day,” laughed Johnson about his relationship with the California native, who looks interested in continuing a romance with Madison Prewett now that the show is over. “I just can’t wait to give him a great big hug. I’m really happy for him.”

Fans will recall that Johnson was in fact passed over for the title of The Bachelor in favor of Weber after vying for the heart of Hannah Brown during the 15th season of The Bachelorette. But when asked if he would still consider the title if ABC came to him with the opportunity, he still sounded interested.

“I just feel grateful that people like me in that aspect,” Johnson explains. “Here and now, I’m just thinking about Peter (Weber.) After that, I’d just be happy and honored to even be considered.”

Until that possible call comes, Johnson seems fine with filling his time working on a new book ‘about finding your freedom and your happiness’ and partaking in a little more Smirnoff Seltzer Rosé, the Official Hard Seltzer of The Bachelor.

“My favorite flavors are the white peach, and the strawberry flavor comes in a close second,” he chuckled.

Mike Johnson the bachelor weighs in new season
Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Smirnoff

The only thing he might not be doing is listening to country music.

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“I know I have said that in the past, but I do like Chris Stapleton,” Johnson laughs. “I’m 100% open to country music. I just don’t like how it makes me get in touch with my feelings, you know? It makes me cry!”