Milo Ventimiglia Says Justin Hartley is the Hottest Guy on “This Is Us”


Milo Ventimiglia isn’t just super hot– he’s super nice too.

During a recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Milo participated in the classic Plead the Fifth game.

First, he would not answer if he thought any storylines from “Gilmore Girls” ever jumped the shark. (The answer is obviously yes and let’s just start with Rory sleeping with Dean after he was married as one.)

But, really, the niceness started oozing when asked by Chrissy Metz who was hotter between himself and co-stars Justin Hartley and Sterling K. Brown. Without hesitation, he screamed, “oh, man! Justin! Absolutely, 100 percent Justin Hartley. Sterling K. Brown is up there.”

We don’t disagree, but Milo with the beard is a very good looking man.

Also, I just compiled a bunch of photos of all three of the Pearson men looking pretty hot, so judge for yourself, don’t take Milo’s word for it: 41 Times the Pearson Men on “This Is Us” Were The Hottest Guys on TV