Milo Ventimiglia Wants Families to Learn From His TV Death (And It Is Not About Crock-Pot)


We can’t say for certain, but the death of Jack Pearson on “This Is Us” will likely go down as one of the most devastating in TV history. Because of this, Milo Ventimiglia, who isn’t a father in real life but plays one on TV wants fans to learn from the death.

The actor has teamed up with Duracell to remind fans to change the batteries in their smoke alarms, because as you’ll remember– Jack and Rebecca kept forgetting to buy batteries.

Milo told “Today,” “Two-thirds of all fire fatalities are the result of faulty equipment in the home. We have to change that statistic. This kind of preventive measure is important, especially for parents.”

“My mother and father were very patient with us. They gave my sisters and I the understanding of the things that were out in the world, the pitfalls young adults don’t quite see because they don’t have the perspective yet.”

Milo also said he spends a lot of time with the young actors on the show and tries to impart wisdom,  “It’s too easy to get lost in the idea of being a celebrity or the idea of the adoration that comes with being on a successful show like this. I try to remind them that the real reason they are there is to do the work. The work is the best. It’s not all about how many likes they get on social media.”

On social media, he continued, “It’s all in how we use it. Right now, it’s very good for current events. But kids get dependent on it; they get used to everything being available right now. Life takes time. Earning something takes time. So it can be a double-edged sword.”

And far as overall parenting advice goes, even though he’s not a dad, he’s got some wise words for everyone out there, “You do your best, you protect them as much as you can, and then they have to live their own lives. You arm them with the tools they need to be successful in life. Inspire them to be kind and gracious and good.”