“Last Man Standing” Star Nancy Travis Opens Up About Show’s Cancelation and Return: “I Was in a State of Disbelief”


In a world that is constantly competing for our media attention, “Last Man Standing” was a television success story. Going into their seventh season in 2017 the show, which starred Tim Allen and Nancy Travis, was well on its way to yet another successful run on ABC.

But then, the bottom dropped out.

“Tim Allen called me, and he said ‘Sorry to say, but we’re not going to be coming back,’” Travis says in a new interview with CountryLiving.com. “And I thought he was joking! It was just so surprising because there was no lead up to it.”

Luckily, the fans quickly were heard, and the show will now premiere on FOX on Sept. 28, and the stars of the show couldn’t be happier.

“I was in a state of disbelief,” Nancy says of the show’s second life. “I really thought we were canceled and that was it. We grieved, we were very upset about it. But then to be picked up again a year later out of the blue? It felt like quite a gift.”

And yes, the show will remain the show that so many fell in love with.

“They’re actors playing characters, but the characters remain the same and the family remains the same,” says Travis about some of the new faces joining the show. “So hopefully audiences will be welcoming, and not see the change as too jarring and a turn off.”

So, who is happy that this show is back? And more importantly, who will be watching?