NBC’s Al Roker and Craig Melvin Are Self-Quarantining Following Possible Coronavirus Exposure


It was anything but business as usual Tuesday morning (March 17) as Today show stars Al Roker and Craig Melvin were absent from the hosting table of the much-loved morning show.

And yes, we can blame it on the coronavirus.

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According to an announcement made live on the air Tuesday (March 16,) both Melvin and Roker have been told to stay home after both of them were possibly exposed to someone with the coronavirus. Apparently, a staffer on the Today show’s third hour of programming has tested positive for the disease. The decision to have both Roker and Melvin stay home from the already sanitized set was said to have been done under an abundance of caution.

But the show must go on, and it did. Heck, Roker even did his forecast straight from his kitchen table.

“I didn’t have to commute in, so I did sleep in,” the legendary weatherman joked. “We’ve kind of jury-rigged this system, so I’ve got all I need.”

And in true Today fashion, hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb tried their best to keep things light, even going so far as to wonder aloud just what Roker was hiding under that kitchen table of his.

Yes, I’m wearing pants for God’s sakes!” Roker said. “But they’re stretchy pants.”