The Season 6 Trailer for “Orange is the New Black” Leaves Us Wanting More…MUCH MORE!


The ladies of Litchfield penitentiary are back! Piper (Taylor Schilling), Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba), Nicky (Natasha Lyonne), Red (Kate Mulgrew) and friends are returning to prison for the sixth season of “Orange is the New Black.”

When we last left the ladies, they were rioting for three days at their old prison and standing their ground in Frieda’s bunker. After being overtaken by security most of the women were being hauled off to new prisons, leaving us to wonder what would happen to our favorite inmates.

Netflix has released the season 6 trailer and it has fans wanting for more. In the trailer, the Litchfield inmates are forced to reside in a new high-security prison where they don’t get along with the existing inmates or guards.

“This isn’t home. This is not home,” says Crazy Eyes, played by Uzo Aduba.

“It is now,” the guard replies.

Two people noticeably absent from the trailer are Laverne Cox’s Sophia Burset and Laura Prepon’s Alex Vause.

“Where’s Alex?” Piper can be heard saying in the trailer.

While fans went crazy with worry that Alex would not be returning. The actress put those fears to rest when she took to social media to share a day of filming season 6 with Taylor.

‘Last day shooting OITNB season 6 with my beautiful co-star,’ she wrote. ‘Until the next one! #orangefamily.’ However, Laura has directed OITNB in the past so she could referring to that. Let’s hope she means she’ll be appearing on the screen. We’ll just have to wait to find out.

Laverne Cox has also confirmed that she will return to season six. “I can say that I had a really great time shooting Season 6. It was really beautiful and special for me,” she told Newsweek.

Get ready to binge-watch, because “Orange is the New Black” premieres July 27 on Netflix.