Paige Davis Wasn’t About to Let Someone Else Host the “Trading Spaces” Reboot

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10 years ago, “Trading Spaces” was pretty much as popular as “Fixer Upper” is now. Granted, you can’t compare apples to oranges, but you get what I’m saying– the show was a hit.

After a long hiatus, the show is coming back to TLC on April 7– and apparently, Paige Davis (the former and future host of the show) found out about the reboot just like the rest of us.

Last March, news began to spread that TLC was bringing the hit house-swapping show back on the air– so of course, Davis’ friends and family thought she had the scoop.

“Everybody was asking me if I knew, I said ‘I’m hearing about it now just like you,” she told People.

Naturally, she immediately went to TLC and said she wanted to host the show. “You know I want to host, right? I didn’t want anyone else to have my part!”


According to People, the show reboot will feature 8 original cast members and 5 all-new faces– but it will stick to the same old format you remember: Two sets of neighbors will each be paired with a carpenter and designer to transform a single room in their neighbor’s home. The only difference now (with it being 10 years later and all) and that the budgets for renovating have increased from $1,000 to $2,000.

The show will air on TLC on April 7.