The Season 24 Cast of “The Bachelor” Has Been Revealed

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Is there any better way of welcoming a brand new decade than with a brand new season of The Bachelor?

I think not.

And that’s exactly what viewers will get come January 6, when ABC will run the three-hour premiere of the popular dating show. But who can wait that long to see who exactly will be vying for Bachelor Peter Weber’s heart?

Well, we can’t.

Luckily, ABC knows that and recently revealed pics and a video of the 30 or so new cast members. They also released biographies on each of the young women, including where they are from, what they do for a living and their first names to publications such as The Hollywood Reporter.

And yes, there are a few flight attendants looking to grab the attention of this adorable pilot.

ABC is also teasing that former Bachelorette Hannah Brown will show up for a special appearance on the show to see her former love Weber, who ended up being the second runner up on Brown’s season. How long she will stay has yet to be determined.

“It was an emotional conversation that needed to be had,” Chris Harrison tells The Hollywood Reporter of Weber and Brown’s on-camera reunion. “You’ll see how it plays out very early on in the season, if he really is ready to move on or if he wants this to be an option still.”

Meet the ladies:

Alayah, 24, Miss Texas 2019 from San Antonio, Texas

Alexa, 27, an esthetician from Chicago, Illinois

Avonlea, 27, a cattle rancher from Fort Worth, Texas

Courtney, 26, a cosmetologist from Venice, Florida

Deandra, 23, a home care coordinator from Plano, Texas

Eunice, 23, a flight attendant from Chicago, Illinois

Hannah Ann, 23, a model from Knoxville, Tennessee

Jade, 26, a flight attendant from Mesa, Arizona

Jasmine, 25, a client relations manager from Houston, Texas

Jenna, 22, a nursing student from New Lenox, Illinois

Katrina, 28, a pro sports dancer from Chicago, Illinois

Kelley, 27, an attorney from Chicago, Illinois

Kelsey, 28, a professional clothier from Des Moines, Iowa

Kiarra, 23, a nanny from Kennesaw, Georgia

Kylie, 26, an entertainment sales associate from Santa Monica, California

Lauren, 26, a marketing executive from Glendale, California

Lexi, 26, a marketing coordinator from New York, New York

Madison, 23, a foster parent recruiter from Auburn, Alabama

Maurissa, 23, a patient care coordinator from Atlanta, Georgia

Megan, 26, a flight attendant from San Francisco, California

Mykenna, 22, a fashion blogger from Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Natasha, 31, an event planner from New York, New York

Payton, 23, a business development representative from Wellesley, Massachusetts

Sarah, 24, a medical radiographer from Knoxville, Tennessee

Savannah, 27, a realtor from Houston, Texas

Shiann, 27, an administrative assistant from Las Vegas, Nevada

Sydney, 24, a retail marketing manager from Birmingham, Alabama

Tammy, 24, a house flipper from Syracuse, New York

Victoria F., 25, a medical sales representative from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Victoria P., 27, a nurse from Alexandria, Louisiana