QVC Tried Selling a Travel Scooter On-Air, So The Host Just Rode It Around the Studio and It Was the Most Entertaining Thing Ever

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If you don’t watch QVC on a regular basis, I’m here to tell you right now that you’re seriously missing out on some solid, 24/7 entertainment. I watch the Q more than most of my friends like. Honestly, I’m just fascinated by the hosts and how they can talk about one product over and over and over again without saying the same thing on repeat.

Recently, QVC too to selling the EV Rider Easy Move Folding Travel Scooter. This scooter is basically one of the grocery store scooters, but smaller.

Host Mary DeAngelis was tasked with schlepping this scooter on-air and I’ve never seen anything like it. Hosts often use the products to showcase bells and whistles, but this product demo as pretty next level. Mary just rode around the studio on the scooter and Denise from Ev Rider just said, “yes” and “mmhmmm” to everything she said.




The first 55 seconds of this presentation is literal television magic.

Mary: This is TSA cleared!
Denise: Yes, ma’am!

Mary: You can see in the turn…
Denise: Lovely radius.

Several times Denise just described it as, “a cool looking ride.”

At one point, Denise was going over some of the features the scooter has to offer and Mary just rode in circles around her. Denise looked upset. This happened more than once.



Towards the end of the presentation, Denise just rode around the studio in circles and it was the perfect end to the most perfect 11 minutes of home-shopping television.