Steve Irwin’s Son Robert Hilariously Returns to “The Tonight Show” [WATCH]

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Steve Irwin’s son, Robert Irwin, is basically a spitting image of his late father— including his fearlessness towards wildlife.

Earlier this year, Robert appeared on “The Tonight Show” where he showed Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart some incredible animals, which may or may not have scarred Kevin Hart for life. Now, he’s returned “The Tonight Show” to show Jimmy Fallon some more amazing creatures from otters to a Zebra named Deborah.

Naturally, Jimmy Fallon was a little hesitant when the porcupines, Quilly Nelson and Quill Smith, were plopped on to he and Robert’s laps— especially when the porcupine started getting a little too comfortable in Jimmy’s crotch.

During the appearance, Jimmy Fallon also revealed that the Irwin family’s new Animal Planet show, Crikey! It’s The Irwinswas the biggest debut for animal planet in the last five years.

You can catch Crikey! It’s the Irwins! on Animal Planet as you watch Robert, his mom Terri and his sister Bindi as they take care of animals and wildlife at the Australia Zoo.