“Roseanne” Isn’t For The Right Or Left, It’s For Everyone


The new season of “Roseanne” aired last night to mixed reviews. But the reviews weren’t very concerned with the jokes, callbacks, or character development– they only cared about the politics of the show. Roseanne Barr, the lead actress and unapologetic Trump supporter, at one point, thanked the Lord for “making America great again.” That, predictably, set people off and caused them to miss the point of the whole show.

People on both the Right and Left used the show as an opportunity to smear the other. Those on the Right praised the show as a return to sanity and for showing “real Americans.”


Those on the Left avoided the show for what they presumed it stood for.

But everyone who watched the show realised that the blue-collar comedy landed somewhere in the middle. Yes, there were Hillary jokes, but Trump supporters weren’t let off the hook either. If you think this is just a show for Trump supporters, look to John Goodman, the male lead of “Roseanne.” He is anything but a Trump supporter and once suggested that instead of a wall, the Trumps should build a dome and trap themselves in it. Having a Republican and a Democrat play a married couple is a pretty clear signal of what the show stands for.

If anything, the show is hoping to promote conversation for all Americans: Left, Right, and in between.