Roseanne Barr and John Goodman Were As Hilarious as Ever During the Golden Globes (And They Looked Amazing)


Growing up, I watched “Roseanne,” but usually with a disappointing eye from my grandmother. She didn’t like Roseanne Barr much, so if I missed an episode, I missed an episode. I always thought the show was funny, but I was young and had no idea how political it was.

The show, with its full cast is heading back to TV in March after being off the air for 21 years.

Roseanne and co-star John Goodman presented at the 75th Annual Golden Globes and not only did they look amazing, they were as funny as ever. And even more deadpan than I remember.

As John said, “we’re presenting Best TV Series– Drama,” Roseanne immediately and with an almost blank face said, “I’m known for creating some great drama” laughter filled the room. When John reminded her she wasn’t going to win any awards for it, she just said, “oh.”


But, seriously– they looked amazing.