Roseanne Fans Don’t Know What to Think About The Return Of David Healy


After complications with his commitments to “The Big Bang Theory,” fans had given up on seeing the return of Johnny Galecki’s character on the reboot of “Roseanne.” But the show took fans by surprise when David Healy returned in his same old way: climbing through Darlene’s window.

David’s absence has been given to his humanitarian work around the world, but that absence has left Darlene as a single mother. This has, obviously made Dan upset, but has also left some fans with a bad taste in their mouth. It didn’t sound like the old David they knew. Add onto that his return was due to falling in love with a different woman and offering Darlene divorce papers and folks were downright angry.

It is unlikely we will see Galecki much more, but I’d be surprised if he didn’t show up again before the end of the season.