Sandra Bullock and Blake Shelton Get Competitive During 5-Second Rule Game on “Ellen”


While Sandra Bullock was out promoting her new movie “Birdbox” on Netflix and Blake Shelton was out promoting “The Voice,” the two stars crossed paths on “the Ellen DeGeneres Show” for head-to-head matchup.

In a game called 5 Second Rule, Ellen pitted Sandra and Blake against each other to see who can name three items in a given category in less than five seconds.

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Things got down and dirty right off the bat. When Ellen asked if the two knew each other, Sandra responded with a meeting they had on “The Tonight show Starring Jay Leno.” But Blake was not in the friendly kind of mood, putting Sandra on blast.

“She says we met on Jay Leno show,” Blake said. “There is no reason for us to be friendly because this is a competition right now Sandra. Don’t try to talk about how we were old friends on the Jay Leno show, I’m ready to bring it on.”

With that, the game began and Blake and Sandra faced off with questions about movies, kids and significant others. In the end, Sandra got the win, when Blake failed list 3 excuses to get out of speeding ticket in under five seconds.

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“I feel like it goes faster when it’s on my then when Sandra’s talking. It’s like your leaning the game, you want her to win,” Blake complained.

In the end, they’re both winners in our eyes.