Sarah Paulson Gets Revenge By Scaring Ellen DeGeneres But It Backfires


Ellen DeGeneres is known for scaring the daylights out of celebrities when they visit her show. So in a twist of fate, actress Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story, Ocean’s 8) wanted to turn the tables and try to get revenge by scaring Ellen.

In the past, Ellen scared Sarah so badly she ended up hiding under the table on set. Ellen not only scared Sarah once, she scared her three times. The first jumping out of closet in her dressing room, the second she had someone creep up behind Sarah and scare her during the interview. And if that wasn’t enough, the third time came when a clown jumped out of the desk, immediately following the second scare. That’s when Sarah retreated underneath the table.

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Now it was Sarah’s turn. On a recent episode, Ellen was in the hosts chair reading a letter from a viewer. Sarah slowly and quietly walked up behind Ellen and screamed, trying to scare her. But Ellen was ready. As Sarah was trying to scare Ellen, one of Ellen’s staffers, disguised as a bush, jumped out and scared Sarah in return. She got her again.

“I took my shoes off of this, to be try to be quiet and you were ready for it,” Sarah yelled. “They told me you were not going to be ready for it.”

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“Come sit down. Come sit down. It didn’t work did it?” Ellen gleefully responded. “I thought you were going to scare me but I didn’t know when you were going to scare me.”

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to scare Ellen on her own show, but Sarah gave it the ole college try. Better luck next time.