“Saturday Night Live” Mocks Lori Loughlin College Scandal in Hilarious Opening Skit

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Lori Loughlin has found herself in some hot water after allegedly paying college officials $500,000 to make sure her daughter gain acceptance to USC. Naturally, she also finds herself the butt of many jokes. “Saturday Night Live” joined in on the fun by opening their show Saturday night (April 13) with the actress in jail.

The sketch opens with three criminals in jail for armed robbery, assault and murder.

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“I’m the craziest dude in here,” Kenan Thompson’s character says. “Stabbed my neighbor to death and then ate his fingers so they couldn’t ID the body. ”

“That’s insane, the inmate replied.

“Oh yeah. You think that’s insane,” Kate McKinnon as Lori Loughlin says. “I paid five hundred grand to get my daughter into USC. You heard me, I paid five hundred grand to a woman’s crew coach to say my daughter was good at rowing. I’m loco.”

“Hold up, you paid five hundred grand for USC?” Kenan says.

“Oh yeah. That’s not including the three hundred grand I blew on tuition,” Lori says before explaining that her daughter majored in communications and is now an influencer. The guys soon realize that they are talking to Aunt Becky from Full House and it just gets better from there.

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“You think prison is hard? I have done sixty eight Hallmark movies. I’ve seen hell man. In half those Hallmark movies I married Santa’s son so I have lost all sense of reality. I’m going to take your heart and I’m going to cut. it. out,” she says in reference to a Full House quote.

The sketch gets even crazier as Michael Avenatti and Julian Assange join the cell. Check out SNL‘s cold open below.