“Today’s” Savannah Guthrie’s Daughter Makes an Adorable Request to her Mama on a “Hot, Hot Day”

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As the last piece of summer and hot temperatures take hold on the East Coast this week, “Today” show host Savannah Guthrie was faced with a decision to make when it came to her 4-year-old daughter Vale. Should they go get Ice cream…or no?

Yet, here is the bigger question…how do you say no to that face?

Indeed, Vale put up quite the argument to go get ice cream, as seen in a video posted by Guthrie on her Instagram page on Wednesday (Aug. 29.)

“Can I get ice cream today because it’s a hot, hot day,” Vale can be heard asking her famous mama in the Instagram clip. “Yeah because it’s a hot, hot day. There’s steam. There’s steam coming out from the swing park. There’s big straws and the smoke is coming out of them! And it’s sunny all around. So I want to have ice cream today, please? Because it’s a hot, hot day.”

So Savannah, please tell us you got that sweet little girl her ice cream!

Fans will recall that Guthrie shares two children — daughter Vale, 4, and son Charley, 1 — with her husband, Michael Feldman. And yes, she often bonds with her “Today” show co-host Hoda Kotb about their mothering adventures.

“All I want to do is send Hoda pictures of my kids, and all she wants to do is send me pictures of Haley, so it’s fair,” Guthrie says in a recent interview. “It’s a total safe zone.”