The “Saved by The Bell” Reboot is Almost Here, and Here’s a Sneak Peek

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Saved by the Bell is back!

On Wednesday (April 15,) NBC shared a sneak peek at a teaser for the reboot of the show, which revisits the much-loved cast from Bayside High, including Mario Lopez (A.C. Slater) to Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie Spano.)

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In fact, its those two characters that are featured alongside the now Governor Zack Morris (played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar) in this brand new teaser, which also hints at the fact that Slater is now the gym teacher at Bayside High!

“Remember how much fun high school used to be?” asks Slater in the teaser.

“Can you believe that was almost 30 years ago?!” replies Jessie.

The show will be shown as part of the NBCUniversal’s upcoming streaming service called Peacock. It is still unknown if beloved cast member Tiffani Thiessen, who played Kelly Kapowski or Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle, will also be involved in the reboot.

The reboot will also feature new actresses and actors who probably weren’t even born when the original Saved by the Bell series was on Saturday morning television. Those actors and actresses include Mitchell Hoog, as Mac Morris—son of Zack Morris, Belmont Cameli, as Jamie Spano—son of Jessie Spano,  Josie Totah, Haskiri Velazquez, Dexter Darden and Alycia Pascual-Pena.

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No matter what the show ends up looking like, it certainly gives fans something to look forward to, especially as much of the country and the world for that matter find themselves sheltering in place as a result of the continued spread of the coronavirus.