Sean Penn Reading Mean Tweets About Himself Is…Well, Mean [Watch]


Jimmy Kimmel is known for the hilarious segment called “Mean Tweets” on his late night talk show, where an assortment of celebrities read really mean tweets about themselves. However, Jimmy’s latest incarnation focuses solely on Sean Penn.

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While Jimmy and crew wanted Sean to read the Tweets backstage as they are always done, Sean had a different idea.

“I did it once when I was here, and then I didn’t do it the next time because for me doing it backstage feels like taking a selfie,” Sean explained. “And I don’t like it. So I asked if I could just read them here with everybody.”

“It’s going to be tough for these people I’m sure to come up with anything because I’m so universally liked,” Sean joked, showing off his sense of humor. Then he started into some nasty Tweets.

“Why does Sean Penn look like a gigantic turd that got run over by fifteen hundred semis and then backed into a tar road on a boiling hot July afternoon,” he read. Ouch!

But it was when a Tweet came from Kevin S, that Sean got a jab in. After Jimmy jokes that Kevin S is the worst, Sean quipped, “Was he on ‘House of Cards’?” referring to Kevin Spacey who co-starred with Sean’s ex-wife Robin Wright on the show.

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“Sean Penn seems like the kind of guy who would delete an Instagram if he didn’t get enough likes,” Kevin S wrote in his Tweet. No worries, Sean’s not even on Instagram.

Sean went on to share a few more mean Tweets and was a good sport in the end.