Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Season of “This Is Us”


As “This Is Us” fans try their best to be patient for the next season of the heartbreaking drama that is set to begin on Sept. 25, some of those closest to the show gathered at an industry function Monday (Aug. 13) to divulge a few more details about what fans can expect.

And yep, get ready to buy some more tissues.

According to show creator Dan Fogelman, a good portion of the upcoming season will take viewers back to the time Jack spent in Vietnam. “With Milo’s character Jack, it’s always been clear that there’s something underneath this guy that we haven’t learned about—what happened to him, what happened in his backstory,” says Fogelman and reported on by Deadline. “So a big part of our season, particularly for Jack, is learning that story.”

Time will also be spent delving into the beginnings of the relationships of many of the show’s characters, including Jack and Rebecca and Randall and Beth. Granted, many fans are still reeling from the death of Jack and the heartbreaking last scenes of when he passed away.

“The scene previous, where [Jack and Rebecca] are sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, just having a conversation, and there’s gratitude for just both being there, and being alive…You never get those moments in life; you don’t know what is going to happen,” Milo Ventimiglia said during the interview. “So god**mmit, you better live your life, you better love deeply, and love fully, and love as hard as you can. Because you may not get the moment.”