9 SNL Commercials So Real We Still Don’t Know If The Products Are Real or Fake

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“Saturday Night Live” has a long history of confusing viewers after the monologue. You’ve probably experienced it before– the monologue is over and cuts to commercial. But, it’s a commercial for something not quite normal. Is this real, you ask yourself. And then, you realize Will Ferrell is in the commercial screaming at his dog. SNL’s most recent example of this brilliance was with their ad for Nike Pro-Chiller leggings— a legging for the woman who just wears leggings to not workout.

But, SNL has been nailing these ads for years. So much so, we’re not sure if some of these products are real or not.

9 SNL Commercials So Real We Still Don’t Know If The Products Are Real or Fake:

1. Mom Jeans

The thing is– these are real and you can buy them at JC Penney. And those haircuts? Well, you can’t wear Mom Jeans without the right haircut.


2. Dissing Your Dog

This is definitely one of those randomly long commercials that comes on during a sporting event. You know the one so weird and long you thought you might’ve accidentally changed the channel.


3. Taco Town

But, seriously– this is the most well-done local TV commercial ever made. And it’s not even a local TV commercial.


4. Colon Blow

The song at the end. And the warning. 


5. Amazon Echo

The thing is, you know Amazon has thought about creating this option for Alexa. I would believe it after watching my dad scream at Alexa all of Thanksgiving weekend.


6. Calvin Klein

You know you thought it was Justin Bieber.


7. Target

Unfortunately, this is the best Target commercial ever and it’s not actually a Target commercial.


8. Swiftamine

This is a personal favorite because I had no real feelings about Taylor Swift until one of my friends played “Mean” for me and out of nowhere I was hooked. It was very unexpected.


9. Z-Shirt

Pretty sure this came on NBC on Saturday mornings in between “Saved By The Bell” and “California Dreams.”