Brad Paisley Hits Golden Buzzer for 15-Year-Old Singer-Songwriter on “America’s Got Talent” [WATCH]


This season of America’s Got Talent has been filled with performers of all ages sharing their special gifts. But only a select few of those talented people have been chosen to go straight to the live shows thanks to the almighty golden buzzer.

On Tuesday (July 16,) the show added another name to that lucky list.

Fifteen-year-old Stacy Pecora tentatively took the stage with her guitar to sing an original song called “Misfits,” and it wasn’t long before it was fairly evident that she had attracted the attention of guest judge and country music star Brad Paisley.

“I think that I know you from that one song,” said Paisley, who seemed particularly impressed with the clever last line of the song’s revealing lyrics. “That’s incredible to stand up there with just a guitar. That takes incredible cajones. I don’t think there’s a more important issue now that social media is this thing that’s pervasive. You have schooled so many people in this moment.”

Paisley then went and hit his golden buzzer and joined a shocked Pecora onstage as confetti fell on them.

So what do you think? Was she worthy of the golden buzzer, which now cements her place in the live rounds on the NBC competition show? Let us know what you think!