Former “Teen Mom 2” Star Jenelle Evans Teases Return to Television— “I’ve Been in Talks With Certain People”


Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been awfully happy and healthy as of late, so it’s no surprise that she might be considering a return to television.

“I’ve been in talks with certain people here and there, not saying it’s MTV, not saying who it is, but we’ll see if something works out in the future,” Evans said in a YouTube video on Friday (Jan. 24.)

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One viewer even asked if Evans was considering a return to Teen Mom 2.

“I don’t know,” she said. “Honestly I have no idea, so sorry. I have nothing to tell you about that.”

When asked how she was doing as of late, Jenelle revealed that she’s doing well. “I’m doing great. Just been chilling, laying low lately. taking care of the kids and just being a mom. I’be been taking care of Enslyy during the day, who does not go to daycare,” she said.

Evans also took the time to update her fans on her current relationship status, a status that looks to be constantly changing when it comes to her ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith.

“He likes me a lot and I don’t like him like that anymore,” she said. “So, trying to keep things civil and just co-parenting, that’s it.”

Heck, she also sounds as if nothing is happening in the romance department with estranged husband David Eason either.

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“Again, I’m just co-parenting, trying to stay out of court, trying to keep things civil between all parties and I just want to do my own thing,” she said. “I’m single now and I need to venture out. I need to think about my future, my kids, and what I’m going to do in life and I don’t need any distractions at all. And I noticed that guys can be a big distraction.”

We wish her luck.