12 Hilariously Sad/Mean Tweets About “The Bachelor” Finale With Arie Luyendyk Jr.

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Forget car wrecks. Arie Luyendyk Jr. just pulled off the most massive trainwreck in the history of “The Bachelor” franchise because 1) he could not stop telling two women “I love you.” 2) He might have hearing issues and does not understand the phrase “please leave.” 3) He basically tortured a woman on TV because someone else told him it was okay.

If you aren’t following, it went like this: Arie narrowed his choices to yes, she’s fine with Pepsi and doesn’t even taste a difference Lauren and what are you actually doing on this show for this guy Becca.

After suffering through an afternoon with Arie’s boring and somewhat rude family, Arie’s family said his choice was clear– Becca. He wasn’t sure and hoped his final two dates would clear up his feelings. He took Lauren to Machu Picchu where they both said, “wow” and “so cool” about 400 times and Becca got to walk around in the rain. He told both ladies on repeat “I love you so much.”

As the clock was winding down and proposal time was looming Arie was still very confused and instead of telling ABC he couldn’t do it, he sat on a bench like dummy and hoped a sign would appear before him.



Even after sitting on the bench for what was probably 3 days, Arie still didn’t tell ABC he wasn’t ready and he proposed to Becca with the cliche, “I choose you today and every day after.” But, he only did this after breaking up with Lauren, putting her in an SUV and saying, “I love you, too.” Oh yes, viewers thought that was the worst thing Arie could do. But, there was more!

ABC knew what was going on and decided to film Becca and Arie’s secret romantic getaways to show viewers, which isn’t something they have done in the past. But, they needed that footage because Arie went to ABC and said he was calling it off with Becca and sure, he didn’t mind doing it on camera.

Becca flew to LA for a secret getaway with Arie and he just dropped all the bombs on her. He did it pretty quick and though she asked him to leave about 400 times he just stayed. And stayed. And stayed. At one point, he was sitting about 4 inches away from her on a couch and though she was visibly repulsed by him, he just moved closer.

Viewers will remember that way back when Jason Mesnick proposed to Melissa Rycroft and then broke up with her to go after his runner-up, Molly. He did none of this on camera and Jason and Molly have been married for 8 years. Even Jason was mad about this all going down like this. Actually, a lot of former “The Bachelor/ette” alums were mad.

But, no one was as mad as regular ol’ viewers like me and you.

12 Hilariously Sad/Mean Tweets About “The Bachelor” Finale With Arie Luyendyk Jr.:


The tribe has spoken.




I’m more scared of his mom.


Actual LOL, but so sad.


Note: no one on the Internet can spell Machu Picchu.

That random guy was probably there to feed dialogue to Lauren.


Even her dreams are boring.




Still dead.


If only…


Steve Harvey would have made this experience more pleasant though.


Seriously. He would not leave.