The New “Roseanne” Trailer Addresses Dan’s Death And Promises “Nothing Has Changed”

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After 20 years, the Conner family is back. ABC teased the sitcom’s revival during the Oscars with the message “nothing has changed.” Besides the fact that Dan is alive and well, it’s true. “Roseanne” looks as fun, as funny, and as honest as it ever was.

The teaser gave fans their first look at scenes from the rebooted show with clips of Roseanne and Dan being madly in love and on each other’s nerves and Roseanne’s new role as a grandmother going as well as we thought it would. In one scene, Roseanne holds her grandson close as he says, “I’m not afraid of you.” Her response is a loving threat, “Give it time.”

While fans are generally thrilled for the return, some were bothered by the line “nothing has changed because, well, one thing certainly has changed: Dan is not dead. The teaser addresses the change with a simple joke and John Goodman muttering, “Why everybody always think I’m dead?”

It’s good to have you back.