“The Voice” Did a Great Spoof on “Real Housewives” and It Will Make You LOL


If you aren’t an avid viewer of Bravo and any one of the “Real Housewives,” your stress level is probably much, much lower than mine.

To amp things up a notch on “The Voice,” the coaches recently did a pretty great spoof on the franchise and the drama was alive and well.

Each of the coaches delivered a classic “Real Housewives” tagline, but some were better than others.

Blake: “There’s still an itch that only another win can scratch.”

Alicia: “I will share my light, I will give it. I’m not going to dim my light for anybody.”

Kelly: “I obviously know what it’s like to compete for your dream. I have arrived.”

Adam: “I know what it takes to win. I’m competitive and I have laser focus.”

Once the “show” actually started it was all the– the weird music, the dramatic pauses, the interviews.

This is gold. And if we can get one with the coaches discussing “American Idol,” it’ll be even gold-er.